These are a few of my favourite things...

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I find it so difficult to narrow down what are my favourite things. In fact sometimes I feel slightly embarrassed of what they actually are, but that won't prevent me for spilling the beans so without further ado here it is!

1. Favourite Place: London. London has been my home for 20 years and I spent 2 years in Trinidad, from that experience I learned that home is definitely where your heart cries for!

2. Favourite children’s book: Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson, growing up I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan, so much so when she came to my primary school in 2001 I was chosen to ask her a question and I got her current book at the time Dustbin Baby signed also! Even though I absolutely love that story, Lola Rose was my favourite because it was adventurous from start to finish. I loved that the main character was on the run and got to change her entire life and that was something I always wanted to do; be someone else for bit and Lola Rose let me experience that!

3. Favourite adult book: A song of ice and fire: A storm of swords by George R. R. Martin. I’m a total sucker for extreme fantasy novels,  a song of ice and fire series is one of my favourites ever! Martin’s writing ability to totally absorb a reader is absolutely life changing! I spent roughly 2 months reading books one to book four back to back. I’m a very fast reader so I basically devoured each an every book. A storm of swords is my favourite because of Jon and Yigrette. It was so romantic and I love a bit of romance between blood and guts!

4. Favourite song: This is an extremely hard choice to pick one song out of many, so I looked up on my itunes and showed my top ten most played songs. Surprisingly most are instrumental music, which shouldn’t be that surprising because I usually write to music. I prefer to write to music that has little to no added sounds, I find singing kinda distracting. I like music that is atmospheric and helps me create images!

5. Favourite album(s): I have a few so the first is Fefe Dobson debut album Fefe Dobson this album got me through secondary school.  Jill Scott’s: Who is Jill Scott: world and sounds, this just reminds me of being young and carless and not having a worry in the world! Oh to be 8 years old again and listening to this album with my mum and sisters dancing, jamming in the kitchen!   Kings of Leon’s: Aha shake heartbreak, this is my fav rock album by a band, OMG I can seriously tap my feet to this, dance, sing-a-long; come on– taper jean girl is such a classic song! Panic at the Disco- A fever you can’t sweat out, my gosh me and my mates knew nearly every song off-by-heart. It's pop, punk and rock, with lyrics that make you think 'hey what the hell did he just say?!?' And those ridiculously long song titles were just the cherry on the cake!

6. Favourite food: Pasta and Roti obviously not together but these two are absolutely yum! I love cooking a lil bit of Italian now and again– or all the time and well Roti I can only dream I could make one. However, I can make roti fillings which is actually not that hard. 

7. Favourite designers: Acne, Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood, because if I had a few thousand pounds just sitting to be spent I’d definitely invest in something from those designers, taking that I could fit into something from them >o<

8. Favourite high-street brand: Asos, H&M, Topshop and River Island, I call these the fantastic four I love Topshop accessories, River Island clothes because they go up to size 18, H&M for cheap but cheerful clothes and shoes and Asos for really nice shoes and quirky tees.

9. Favourite Fashion Magazine: Nylon, Asos and Love. Nylon for finding great undiscovered artists, actors, music and books, Asos for always being diverse, because I adore seeing women of colour in fashion, and Love magazines for their avant-garde editorials that always leave me totally gobsmacked.
asos and love magazine

10. Favourite author: Malorie Blackman, she taught me that not everyone written in prose has to be white.

11. Favourite Films: Boy directed and written by New Zealand native Taika Waikiki, 12 years a slave directed by Steve McQueen and Clueless directed and written by Amy Heckerling. There are more movies for every genre, but I’d say these three are my all time faves! I will have to do another post on each genre!

12. Favourite Screenwriters: Neil Jordan and John Singleton. Niel Jordan movies always nearly have me in tears and that goes for the same for John Singleton. I highly recommend watching Boyz in the Hood (1991) and The Crying Game (1992).

13. Favourite Directors: Tim Burton for his dark twisted ways of depicting classic tales, come on Alice in Wonderland was creepy yet very entertaining.

14. Favourite singers/songwriters: Sia, Sade, Aaliyah, Patrick Watson and Melissa Kaplan. There is something magical about these singers and their music makes me feel a certain way or brings me to a place.

15. Favourite actresses: Whoppi Goldberg, Lupita Nyongo, Michelle Williams, Keira Knightley.

16. Favourite actors: Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christian Bale and River Phoenix.

17. Favourite TV shows: Skins (first gen), Misfits (seasons 1-2), game of thrones, Rome, The Fresh Prince, Ugly Betty, Daria, True Blood and As If. I would say I’m a bit of a TV buff, I watch a LOT of TV maybe a tad too much but I love a good gripping drama! Who doesn’t?

18. Favourite stylists: JAK aka Jessica and Kelly, Francesca Burns, Ty Hunter and Katie Grand.

19. Favourite Person: My mother, she is my hero she makes be believe that anything is possible!

20. Favourite Quote: ‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will’, I try to live by this because it’s relevant within trying to find work in the creative industries.

So there is it my long list of 20 things I love, what do you think about it? Do you think we have anything in common? Or do I make you cringe a bit? Don’t forget to tell me!  

Things society makes women feel guilty or ashamed about: My chosen ten

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It’s 2014, yet not a lot of things have changed for the equality and justice of women. But there are things that we women should never have to feel bad about, even though most society will blame us for it; so here’s a list in not any particular order of what you shouldn’t feel guilty about (these are some of the ones I find important):

1. Being a victim of rape: Rape is such a sensitive area for many women, society will often blame women for being raped by; what they are wearing, ‘leading their rapist on’, being drunk etc. You should not feel accountable for these things, the simple matter of rape is it’s always the RAPIST FAULT it is NEVER ever YOURS!

2. Virginity: Being a ‘virgin’ is in fact a social construct made up by the patriarchal system. There is nothing wrong about being a certain age and not having sex. Your body is your own, NEVER feel pressured to do something you are not mentally ready for. Also remember the notion that the first time you have sex should be painful, is also something that’s made up. Yes, sometimes first-timers may feel discomfort but there are also people who feel absolutely nothing!

3. Abortion:  Every women has the right to their OWN body, having a baby isn’t always the right thing for everyone. Carrying a child for 9 months is a absolutely life changing event and you should not feel pressured into doing it when you are not ready. What you should do to prevent having abortions is educate yourself on contraception! Do not feel bad about buying condoms or going on the pill.  Remember your body you make the rules! 

4. Higher education: Wanting to progress in your career is absolutely fine and sometimes obtaining an undergrad or postgrad degree is essential; but never feel bad about educating yourself instead  of conforming to what society wants you to do. Believe it or not you can have both a career and a family, if that's what you want! Do not feel you have to sacrifice your dreams to make someone else happy. Also if you don’t want to go into high learning, there is no pressure at all. School is not for everyone, if you are comfortable with your job and current lifestyle then why should you change it or feel guilty about not wanting to go to college/university? 

5. Body image: There is nothing more infuriating than society’s pressure for women to look a certain way! Just because you let your hair grow naturally out of your head doesn’t mean you’re less employable?!? Same goes for being a certain weight, you can be skinny and professional and you can be fat and professional, do not feel bad about your weight! I am still learning this myself, especially when you have people thinking you are a certain way because you're fat! You're a certain way because YOU want to be that way, if you want to lose weight do not do it for anyone else, do it for yourself! I could go on about body image because there are many topics to cover such as; shaving, surgery and beauty standards. Ugliness should not be judged on your outside appearance it should be judged on the way you treat and respect other human beings. You are not ugly just because you don’t fit into a box society has put you into. 

6. Being a woman of colour: That’s right I said it. Just because you are not a white woman does not mean you should feel ashamed of your heritage! WoC rights are just as important as a white woman’s rights! You should not have to change who are to fit into a state of being ‘colour-blind’, as a person of colour you do not have the luxury of having colour-blindness. Society will often remind you that you are black, brown, or coloured. Society will also have as stereotype of you already upheld. Do not feel ashamed for not standing with it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your colour of your skin!
7. Not wanting kids: Women globally are told to marry and settle down. So here’s what’s up if you don’t want kids YOU shouldn’t have them! Society finds it completely weird and shocking that women do not want children! Do not feel ashamed, there is nothing wrong with it! 

8. Liking sex: Being told if you ENJOY having sex it makes you a ‘slut’, what the hell is that? Meanwhile men can enjoy sex as often and with whom they want and not be called anything. I sigh so much about it.   

9. For not having a vagina: Let me tell you something, not all women are born with vaginas and vaginas do not make you a woman! YOU make yourself a woman and don’t let anyone tell you different! 

10. Being a Lesbian: being a lesbian to this day is still the least tread-upon subject, people will think that kissing a girl is hot but wanting to date/marry a woman is absolutely disgusting? Girl love is a wondrous thing, you shouldn't have to feel ashamed about loving someone you are attracted to! 

The Million Dollar Baby by Ani Saakana

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I would have given you anything baby
It could have been us up there if you could listen
Did I care for you ever you wonder?
But my love for you will be forever
While I will hate what was our secret 
It won't matter now you're dead

The weather that month was dead
And I could see that it hurt you baby 
It was my idea but you never listen
It could be a lifetime before it was forever
You would sit out for a long time to wonder

I cannot even stop to wonder
I am without you, leaving me dead
Losing your child is a scar forever
When you were born you were my baby
I would press my ear on your chest to listen 
Who was your father, it was a secret 

But the truth that lies with a secret
May have left you to wonder
I couldn't help but to listen 
I could hear that silence was dead
I heard he had millions, just for me and you baby
He is your father and we will be rich forever

It seems like a long time for forever 
I know this may have been a secret 
But your father didn't want you baby
Why he didn't want you, you wonder?
I was the woman who stole his heart dead
The only one who would stop and listen 

And I told you to listen 
But you got it wrong and now you're gone forever
Like the weather of that month you're dead
And what of our plans it's no longer a secret
I got him where he was left to wonder
I told him that you were his baby

He did listen but what was mine was now his secret 
He vowed never to talk of it forever but he did wonder
To make you lay dead in a coffin, he killed you and I'm sorry baby. 

Neon Justice: Styling Neon Colours

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I'm really feeling neon this summer, but unfortunately the only neon item I currently own is a gym vest I got a few years ago on sale in H&M! I'm now hunting for that perfect neon lil' something that I can wear, wear and wear again without getting tired of it. I'm thinking of trying to get a neon bag or sun glasses because you can wear them in different ways! However I'm tempted to own a neon dress, because it will bring out my wild side or so I think! Here's how I'd style a few items below:

Neon Justice

Collar dress

Yves Saint Laurent neon yellow shoes

So as always I'v been looking for inspiration of how to wear neon this summer, so I've put together a few pictures:
So I think even neon hair is kinda awesome and even lipstick!

I actually really feeling brightly coloured accessories as well, really attracted to that superdry makeup bag and come on those Valintino studded heels?!? Fashion statement or what? 

But my biggest question of all is how do style a neon item of clothing? Well I don't leave an article unanswered so here you go:

Magazines, Magazines, MAGAZINES!!!

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I have an intoxicated obsession with fashion magazines. It’s a very expensive addiction, which I’m very afraid of finding out the worth of.  Recently I made a rough catalogue of how much magazines I own and it's slightly frightening (since this was made I have purchased 7+ more magazines): 
28 nylon magazines 
82 teen vogue magazines 
5 iD magazines 
3 Love magazines 
12 Tattler Magazines
7 Elle Magazines 
10 vogue magazines 
13 Asos magazines 
1 wonderland magazine 

Ugh sickening isn’t it? I cringe knowing what kind of money I’m sitting on. This list doesn’t include the weekly fashion magazines I buy now and again like, Look and Grazia. Not to mention the odd handbag mags like Glamour. I would estimate the sort goldmine I'm treasuring, considering I am only twenty-two! I don’t really know why I seem to harbour the need to collect these what I call 'short fashion-books' but I knowhow it all started. 
Rewind the clock, I’m 13 years old I see a cover of BeyoncĂ© on a magazine called ‘Teen Vogue’ in February 2004; I’m in actual marvel! What the bloody gods is a Teen Vogue?!? It was everything I ever dreamed of that what it was! I loved looking at my mum’s Vogue and Elle magazines when I was younger, but here was magazine that was aimed at my demographic and it stole my innocent soul straight away. Even though there wasn’t a single thing I could afford in the Teen Vogue editorial, there was something magical about the way everything was put together; from the articles on celebs, to feature articles, fashion editorials and that handbag sized glossy cover. Everything about Teen Vogue was everything I wanted to aspire to. After that first cover I would hunt down the next one and it wasn’t until September 2004 I got my next issue when Teen Vogue became part of WH Smith’s regular inventory. 

But that was just the beginning of my magazine addiction, at the age of 15 I also began collecting weekly NME magazines which were rather expensive for a little paper mag (I had to throw them away because they were falling apart.) 
When I lived in Trinidad for two years that addiction to magazines plummeted simply because there weren’t any places to buy magazines; except the final year of my stay, when I found a place that sold Teen Vogue and started to collect again!  But it wasn’t until I returned to England at age 18 did my serious collection begin. As my taste was slowly beginning to evolve and mature I sought after older more mature content.  The next step up for me from Teen Vogue was Nylon and there was my next obsession. Since September 2010 I have accumulated 31 Nylon magazines– gulp. I officially stopped collecting Teen Vogue at 21, as I was no longer part of the ‘teen’ in the Vogue, my last issue was Shay Mitchell’s April 2013 cover. 

I also began to collect other magazines like fashion culture mags: i-D, wonderland and my beloved Love magazines which are very pricey, in addition with ‘fashion bibles’ Vogue and Elle. But the price tag never bothers me, it’s the sort of feeling I get when I open a magazine. I look through all those pictures, all those faces and all those names of designers I will never be associated with and I feel powerful. I feel somehow these magazines make me feel a part of a world I want to join. 
These magazines mean so much to me, and it’s so superficial and wasteful that I sit on £500+ worth of magazines while being ‘poor’.  As Carrie Bradshaw once said ‘When I first moved to New-York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more’, ok, ok maybe I wouldn’t fully agree with this quote but it’s definitely something that describes my addition. Fashion magazines feed my need to feel s part of a world I haven’t truly experienced and I love it! Opening a fashion magazines is like falling through a wondrous rabbit hole and you just don’t want to get out. 
Will I eventually kick this addiction, you may ask and honestly at this present time my answer will have to be NO. I love magazines and that is all. 


Pale: neutral colour inspo

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Right now, I'm really loving sort of pale neutral colours, simply because they're classy and timeless. Here's how I'd style a few pieces:

Everything's Vogue

Monki zip jacket
$41 - monki.com

Stella mccartney skirt

Janessa Leone band hat

Marni glasses

Coach key ring

Here are some inspirational images:

A new Rejoiced Saint

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Ok, so I've finally came to the decision that Rejoiced Saint will no longer be a blog about things that are not related to me personally. I initially wanted it to be like a collaborated site, but due to people's lack of contribution to it, I've decided it to be my own personal blog! It will still have the same categories, but everything will more or less be written by me and relate to me! I've still have fashion content, movies, and tv reviews. Plus I'll have new content like poetry and snippets of things I'm currently writing! I'll hopefully be writing on here more often, since I've taken off the stress of hunting for writers!

Watch this space ^_-


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