Monday, 14 October 2013

Music and Memories



      Sometimes I like to think my life is a movie and it’s only right that my boring/exciting/dead romantic/depressing/sad life should have a down right awesome soundtrack. So it’s taken me a while to gather a few songs up and try to put a memory to them. I’ve made a playlist on 8tracks please have a listen and go down memory lane with me.

The first track by Adele brings me back to January 2008, it was the morning I found out actor and big hero of mine, Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose.  I remember I was on the way to school; it didn’t seem like any different journey except while I was listening to my ipod to chasing pavements, I saw the front page of the metro newspaper ‘tragedy’ and ‘Heath Ledger’. In my sixteen-year old mind I couldn’t quite fathom the word ‘tragedy’. He couldn’t possibly be dead could he? Maybe he just broke his foot and can’t film his latest movie? That was all I hoped on the rest of the journey, but when I got off the train and I was finally able to get hold of the newspaper, I read the first sentence ‘actor 28 found dead’ and that was it. I felt my little heart crumble. It may seem stupid to some as I never knew him, but I had been watching Heath since 2001 and he truly touched my heart. He was like a River Phoenix; I imagined this was how a lot 90s fangirls had reacted when River died. Whenever I listen to chasing pavements it brings me all the way back to that sad place.
My second song is Rocky took a lover by Bell X1, this song is my happy song. I had just discovered Bell X1 literally on the last week before I returned to London after spending two gruelling years in Trinidad studying my brain out. I remember going on youtube and trying to find some new music and I stumbled onto this amazing Irish band and this song was my absolutely favourite song, it was my packing-my-suitcase song while dancing-with-my-hairbrush anthem.
Third song Junk of the heart by The Cardigans;  was the summer of 2007 I think and I had fallen in love with…the internet, yes the internet! Until then we had one computer and a dialup connection, 2007 was the year we went wireless! Oh Yeah! So like the rest of my generation the social platform that was the bomb digity was Myspace! If you remember Myspace it was kind of like tumblr+facebook together, I had a huge crush on this guy who was myspace famous his name was Joey and I had only met him once in real life, but it was enough to get me totally spellbound. Anyhow long story short this song reminds me of him a lot!
My fourth memory associated with a song is Grindin by Clipse, it all happened when I was ten years old on holiday with my cousin in Grenada, in England by parents never had cable so when my Grandparents did I went TV crazy. Instead of enjoying the sun outside I was cooped in watching and discovering the likes of MTV dancing to what tunes were big and when I listen to Grindin those memories flood back to me literally grindingly!
On my mind by Damone is one of those songs, which I chose to be the soundtrack to a sappy young adults novel; about cute boys, sex and all the sorts that usually take place in a YA novel. If you’re wondering which sappy novel I’m talking about it’s called Diary of A Crush by Serra Manning (my teen idol).
Growing up my parents had immaculate taste in music and I grew up listening to a vast range of genres of music; one band in particular sparks up memories of me at six years old and that’s Everything but the girl and their song My head is the only house unless it rains.
Their Cell by Girl in a Coma for me symbolises the big change in my teen years; Girl in a Coma was the first band I discovered by myself without the help of friend (big accomplishment in my books). I love discovering new music so much, I was pretty secretive about what bands I found and kept it to myself. Which I guiltily still practice today at age 21; I have a warped theory that if a band gets too big their music becomes shit, queue Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend anyone?   
My best friend and me got really close over a summer and we kept on singing James Morrison ‘You Give Me Something’ to each other and doing mini serenades. This is a really feel good song that never fails to put a smile on my face!
Jill Scott is one of my all time favourite artists and ‘I think it's better’ is a song that really resonates with me. I think I must have been about 9 years old and I remember feeling really infinite listening to this song, because it brought me such an overwhelming sense of love and loss, something I was yet to experience. 
Like most of Jojo self titled debut album  ‘Homeboy’ reminds me of being 13 years old and being head over heels in love with a silly boy named Bobby, ahh that crush was pretty intense and I was really obsessed with him. Never putdown a teenage girls bounds of obsession it is truly amazing!  
My last song is Taper Jeans Girl by my once beloved band Kings of Leon, this song brings me back to when I was 17 and I was trying my upmost hardest to lose some weight. I used to play a lot of Kings of Leon songs especially this song. I lost one stone believe it or not, it really helped me feel confident! To this date since their decline of good music I have doubled in weight I blame them. Lol.
I Hope you enjoyed this article, please tell me some songs that makes you all gooey and nostalgic in the comment box!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Coats for Autumn/Winter £100 and Under

It's that time of the year, and you don't want to mess with the wind and cold breeze, here are a few coats to keep you from having a Marilyn moment. All a hundred or less! 

1. Oasis  2.  3. River Island   4. House of Fraser  5. Dorothy Perkins  6. New Look  
7. New Look   8. Mango

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wench Book Review by Porsha Dossie

Wench By Dolen Perkins-Valdez

My children ain’t the only thing I love. If I was allowed, I reckon I’d love myself, too.

            Dolen Perkins-Valdez’s debut novel, Wench, is a powerful work about chattel slavery in pre-antebellum America. She tackles love of self, friendship, and the complicated intersection of race and gender, and the subjugation of slave women to the wants and desires of the men who owned them.
            Four woman, Mawu, Reenie, Sweet, and Lizzie all summer with their masters at a resort for wealthy whites in the midwestern state of Ohio. Mawu is a new addition to the group. Her fair skin and fiery red hair are in stark contrast to rest of the women, and she makes her presence known from the onset of the book. Her status as her master mistress is not one of pride for her like some of the others. Abandoning her slave name and taking on the name of an African sun goddess, she plots her escape to freedom, even if it does mean abandoning her children back on the plantation in Louisiana.
            Lizzie, unlike Mawu, believes that she is in love with her master. He showers her with gifts and treats her better than the rest of the slaves on their small Tennessee plantation. The mother of his only two children, Lizzie takes comfort in her status, though she worries about her children’s future. Will Drayle set them free? Throughout the novel she battles with her love for Drayle, and ultimately her love of self. Her struggle is mirrored by the oldest of the women Reenie, who takes drastic measures to assure herself that she will no longer be subjected to the whims of her master—and the men he sells her to for an evening.
            A helpful Quaker woman rounds out the rest of the characters and acts as an antithesis to Lizzie’s abusive slave mistress, Drayle’s wife, who takes out her anger at her husband on Lizzie. The Quaker woman will aid the four in ways they never thought possible, promising freedom—but at what cost?

            For those of you interested in a riveting tale of friendship, devotion, and inner strength, Wench will satisfy that and more. It is a glimpse back into an earlier time of fine china, beautiful dresses, and also one of the most horrible atrocities in human history. Wench is one of the best books I’ve read in years.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013


I originally did this DIY for Rookie Mag but it didn't make the cut but I though I'd show you guys anyways! 

 What You’ll Need:

1.     Hole Puncher.
2.     Glue (any paper glue will do, including a glue stick.) I’m using PVA.
3.     Magazines or you can get images you want on the Internet.
4.     Glue stick if you’re using PVA glue.
5.     Scissors
6.     Pen or pencil
7.     Old ribbon or some string
8.     Cardboard (make sure it’s not too thick, you don’t want your bookmark too bulky.)
9.     Book covering plastic (in England you can buy it in WH Smiths, anywhere else any stationary store should have it. It’s not absolute necessary but if you want your bookmark to have a long reading life, I highly suggest getting it.)
10.  A ruler   
11.   (Optional NOT PICTURED) Stickers and other creative mess ^_-

 Steps: 1-4

1.     Get your cardboard, ruler and pen and draw a 15 cm line.
2.     Then do a 4cm line like the one in the diagram.
3.     Then using your scissors cut out the shape.
4.     Go through your magazines or your pictures from the Internet and get a background base that is about the same size as the cardboard. (It doesn’t have to be the same print for both sides, be creative!)

 Steps: 5-8
5.     Glue the background to the cardboard.
6.     It doesn’t matter if it’s bigger than the actual bookmark, you’ll cut the edges off!
7.     Once you’ve cut the edges off it should look like diagram (7)
8.     Then you can decorate it with stickers or smaller images form your magazines! (I’ve used the stickers from ROOKIE YEARBOOK ONE ^_^)

Steps: 9-12

9.Take out your book covering plastic and using the paper side where the grid lines are clearest, place your bookmark a square up from bottom and a square across, like diagram (9).
10. You should now fold across, making sure that everything is tucked in.
11. Then cut out the shape like diagram (11)
12.   Peel off the paper side and place the sticky side up (use something to hold it down it may curl up) then place the bookmark down on it, remember to leave those spaces when it comes to folding! 

Steps: 13-16

13.   Fold your sticky plastic exactly like you did in diagram (10).
14.   Now trim off the left overs with your scissors.
15.   Get your hole-puncher try to centre where the hole will be, or be like me and fail to centre it properly ^_- lol.
16.   Once you’ve punched the hole through it should look like diagram (16) 

Steps: 17-19

17.  Using your ribbon or string tie it through the hole and you can leave it like that. OR
18.  Tie a really rubbish bow like I did >.<
19. Now put it in your last read page in your book and you’ll never lose your page ever again!!!